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Weekend Project: DIY Herb Labeling & Organizing

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various herbs in clear glass jar with bamboo lid and decorative label

I can't believe it's almost been a year since we picked up (again) and relocated over 100 miles. And all within the same state! We've been renovating and updating for what feels like forever! One thing I've missed having my labeled jars and organized workspace, to say the least. I'm still trying to take it all in stride though, one satisfying project at a time.

This weekend diy herb organizing and labeling project was a little time-consuming at first until I finished the label design.

I found these little 8 oz glass containers with bamboo lids to be the perfect size for adding most of my herbs. Best practices are to store herbs in a cool dry place and the storage container should seal to prevent moisture from getting in.

various herbs in clear glass jar with bamboo lid and decorative label

One of the things I wanted the most was enough space to put relevant details. Having enough info immediately in front of you allows you more time to choose the herbs you need rather than spending a lot of time in the books or online researching. Add a few unique qualities to help identify the herb you're thinking of working with. This can also help avoid mixing herbs with other things that may cause issues for specific cases.

So far all of the herbs I've labeled are for immediate use as they focus on what I'm currently focused on - cardiovascular health, women's health, etc. And I tried to add info that I wanted to remember the most without making it too lengthy.

various herbs in clear glass jar with bamboo lid and decorative label

I printed my labels at home with an Epson ET-2750 Eco Tank printer using an Avery template and some labels I had left over from another project. These turned out great though so I'll be getting another set of jars and ordering some more labels to finish up.

If you don't currently have options to print from home you can always design your label on sites like Avery or Canva and have them printed and sent to you. In some cases, it may be better if your printer/ink uses a lot of ink or causes printing issues.

I don't have a permanent spot yet in my kitchen but I did carve out a temporary storage space well out of the reach of direct sunlight and heat where I can still have easy access.

For what it's worth, I'm an organizing enthusiast and love a good jar and pretty label so I'd love to see any project you turn out! Join me for more self-care inspo and DIY.

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