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Creating Your Own Altar

These are the important basics to setting up your first altar and every altar after. Remember, there is no one right way to create your altar.  Altars are subjective and should resonate with the witch it belongs to. Ideas are great and can provide a lot of inspiration but your altar should be a reflection of you and what you seek from your craft.

Let it be all yours…

An altar can be set up on any (safe and quiet) surface. Your altar should be set up in an area that has minimal to no foot traffic and allows you to spread out a bit. For example, I have two cats, three kids and a husband (had to add him to the mix because he touches stuff too) so my altar is set up in a corner that really no one else has any reason to be in besides me. This way things won’t get knocked over and bumped – unless you’re the one doing it.

It isn’t uncommon to switch it up…

The path to modern witchcraft is wide and clear with opportunity to explore and feed your spirit. Altars are the flexible witchy foundation on which we begin or continue our journey to a deeper connection with nature and ourselves. Like witches, altars come in all shapes and sizes. And like the craft you choose to practice your altar should resonate with you.  It isn’t uncommon to change your altar to coincide with significant holidays, seasons or cosmic events that are important to you. Temporary altars (as shown above) are also a thing and can be set up and taken down without disturbing your permanent altar – do what ever works best for you.

Be intentional…

Altars are personal and one of a kind. It is possible that we all have candles, crystals, plants and herbs and tarot cards of some sort but the selections and placement are unique to our own practices. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing and what feels right to you.

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