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Rest, Recharge & Repeat

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Since the pandemic, rest (real rest) has been something of a struggle to grasp. Things became way more chaotic but all you really want to do is take a step to the side- distance you and yours from all the s*it flying around. So you can rest and, eventually, recharge.

The decision to take a mindful pause from (all) media didn't come lightly but was so needed and welcomed! It turned into an extended break after getting covid and really just needing to focus on rest in a very different way. My body had to recharge after just taking a hit from being sick for so long and it feels like the rest of me got to as well. In lots of ways, I'm grateful even though it was such a heavy pause on life. I got to hold space for other things, including making a big move at the start of summer 🌲

Currently writing this from the middle of the forest, or at least surrounded by some! (yep, I mean that to be plural) Still getting better, now under all these trees, springs, and nature trails. I love cloud watching, star gazing, and pointing my camera at anything pretty in the sky- so we made that official with a move to the more northern central part of Florida.

forest photography with sunshine and pine trees
a sunny saturday morning

current read

There's this book I love to read different parts of every couple of months called, The Seasonal Soul by Lauren Aletta, and what I love about it is that no matter what season you're in restfulness and recharging are integral parts of the cycle. They come in many forms for many reasons, each a necessity even if we can't see it at that time. Rest doesn't come easy for me so these past several months have given me a lot of experience. The pace has definitely changed. And though that is the hardest part for me to embrace sometimes, this book talks about that as well.

the seasonal soul book by lauren aletta
the seasonal soul by lauren aletta

things I enter back into this space with

take the time to care for moi every single day

realize the right to do less + more

we are the medicine

ebbs & flows

moon fading in the morning light
morning moon gazing

What are your (all) media breaks like? Are you filling them with books and garden walks too? I picked up some other good reads over the past few months but I'd love to read about your favorites!


P.S. This post contains affiliate links but I hope you find that book no matter where you get it from💚

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