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5 Self-Care Tips for Managing Everything From Home

If you're currently working from home, homeschooling from home, or just safe at home you've come to the overwhelming realization that somehow there's more to do. Or maybe there isn't more to do as much as you're constantly faced with something to do, start/finish or otherwise handle at home.

For me, it feels like the endless reel of a to-do list. We moved over the summer and what seemed like it would take a couple of weeks took a couple of months! So many things got shifted to the side and I had to learn the art of adjusting to the moment. I decided to embrace settling in and getting our new home ready for all the memories we were starting to make in it.

Read on for my well-used self-care tips on managing everything from home.

Start Your Day With Getting Dressed.

Seriously. This is a personal favorite of mine and one I follow daily unless I'm feeling ill or am having a serious lounge day (in which case I put on lounging clothes because I am unable to live in my pajamas). Especially now, I know it's easy to want to work in your jammies and feel like it's great that no one can see you and you feel totally comfortable with that knowledge. That's great for about a week until you realize you're going to bed in the same clothes you woke up in, worked in, cleaned get the idea.

I've been working from home exclusively for a little over a year and every day I get up and get dressed for my day. Getting dressed sets the tone for your day and brings a different kind of energy to the mix. And don't skimp on the accessories if you normally like to wear them. I usually put on my favorite hoop earrings and labradorite ring at the minimum. You get to be comfy, sexy, stylish, or whatever you please while still doing what you do best to earn that dough!

Be Honest.

Be honest with yourself. What are you actually going to get done today? What do you need to get done that can't wait until tomorrow? Make a list or add it to your task app or calendar. I made a sticky note list for each room of the house so I can check things off as they're done and not forget about them entirely if I don't get to something right away.

Give Yourself a Break.

No one can be on 24/7 or even 10/5! Give yourself a real break and take time for whatever it is you need for you. Set boundaries and make sure you're communicating concerns where they should be voiced. Meditate, stretch, walk/run, nap, journal, read, dance, bake, chop some fruits and veggies, make a smoothie, all, one or none. The choice is yours and that's the beauty of it.

Put some limits on your screen time.

Too much of anything is never a good thing. Limiting the amount of time you spend scrolling through social media, binge-watching, and following Twitter drama has some sweet benefits. First of all your eyes (and your brain) will thank you for giving them a rest from endless bits of info and you'll now have time to actually do things you want to do. *See the 'Give Yourself A Break' tip above.*

Get Hydrated. With water!

I can talk about how dehydration and drinking everything but water wreaks havoc on your body, insides and out, but I'm going to try to entice you with just how good getting and staying hydrated is for your body. First of all, we can all think clearer when we aren't try to fuel ourselves on caffeinated and sugar-filled beverages. Water hydration serves you by keeping your skin supple, cleanses the body inside and out, prevents dry mouth, helps promote healthy joints and muscles, promotes cardiovascular health and healthy weight and the list goes on.

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