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Super Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

Updated: May 9, 2020

A super-natural event of nature is occurring this month and it seems like everywhere you look someone is talking about it. And with good reason, another event of its kind won’t be seen again until 2021! This rare moon event is the perfect time to get in our sacred space, be proactive and let go of things that have been holding us back.

Some ground rules…

I will say at a time like this [lunar eclipse] that almost anything goes. There are just a couple of rules I like to follow. Rule One: I never start anything “new” during the full moon – I’m usually reflecting on achievements from new moon intentions I set in the previous days. Rule Two: I’m careful not to do too much during void-of-course. Really to not start anything new like a job, submissions in my favor of any kind, work projects, etc. Now this can be tricky for any time during the moon phases but I pay special attention if I am intentionally working on anything and it’s a full moon. I tend to get carried away!

Harnessing Full Moon Energy…

There’s no wrong way to harness this full moon energy. The only mistake would be not getting in some stargazing or visualizing. Void-of-course is from 8:50 pm to 10:54 pm when the moon enters Leo. Rather than start anything new this is a great time to make preparations for any planned activities you have for the evening, take a nap, or meditate and stretch (one of my favorite things to do) until the moon enters Leo. To get the lunar eclipse for your time zone/area or to watch the live stream click here.

Lunar Energy…

With senses, intuition, instincts, and energy heightened the lunar eclipse provides the perfect setting to tap into some lunar energy and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Also, journaling gratitude by moonlight (if you are comfortable being outside during the full moon and eclipse), Full Moon meditation, charging crystals (be sure to bring them in before the sun can get to them in the morning) and even just moon basking are all great ways to connect with the moon and its energy.

Stay present…

However you decide to celebrate stay in the moment, stay present. No lens in the world will capture the beauty of this event like seeing it firsthand with your eyes can, so think less pictures for later and more in the moment experiences for the present.

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