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Energy Shifting for Fall and New Beginnings

Autumn is my seasonal soul Spring and, ultimately, the start of a second new year as we begin energy shifting for Fall and new beginnings manifest abound. Summer is my time to reset and regroup from the fading Winter season and Spring clearing. But Fall is where my heart is, a season where I feel like my most alive, creative, and softer self. It feels just a little more magical for me.

While we're still winding down our last days of the official Summer season I've been starting to embrace fall-esque things like trying new recipes featuring root veggies in my pressure cooker and making Fall ritual candles.

It also ends up being a very meaningful time of the year for me since my birthday falls at nearly the very end of Summer. This year, the plan is to make our desserts and dishes at home (we usually pick from a few of our favorite vegan restaurants for lunch or dinner) to keep everyone safe and healthy as we've been since this global pandemic has started.

...the seasonal shift

Some thoughts I'm carrying with me as I sit with the present to meet the future:

Continue putting energy into what makes me happy.
Embrace present moments and self-connection.
Self-care is a basic necessity and vital to my well-being. When I'm in need of a source of light, ask for or find one. When I can be a source of light for myself and others, be one.
Write my own story and share it. Normalize the hard shit and celebrate my wins.
Unlearning is a practice and just as important, sometimes more so, than learning.

What I'm writing in my journal this season...

  • Intention this season...

  • What are my creative urges? And how can I fulfill them?

  • What are my Goals vs. Expectations?

  • What lessons happened for me this past season?

  • How can I nurture my personal energy?

  • What might come up for my shadow self this season?

  • My spiritual tools for the season

Let's celebrate this season with deep appreciation and hearts of gratitude for all that we've embraced and moved through.



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