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Embracing New Moon Energy

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The New Moon begins the next lunar energy cycle and supports you in embracing New Moon Energy such as new beginnings, optimism, setting new goals and planting seeds of growth. Activities done during this time help unfurl your inner and truest self if you let them. It's a time for setting intentions and flexing your creative muscles.

Things to consider during this time:

Where/what you want to grow

Resources that can help manifest your goals

Embracing what inspires you

Refreshing positive + good habits

Seeking new adventures + experiences

Rest and reconnect. Consider this a prerequisite to intention setting. One act done with focused intention will go further than any act done in haste.

Set your intentions by writing them down. You can do this in a journal or just writing them down in your calendar. Do what works for you. Ask yourself: What good habit do you want to continue or start feeding during this lunar cycle? What do you need more of in your life? What steps can you take to move in that direction?

Make some time to meditate or get up close with nature. For the last few weeks I've been getting out with my camera and taking pictures of all the beautiful things I wouldn't dream of disturbing but inspire me to continue .

Turn inward for what you are truly seeking in your life and start where you are.

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