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5 Things This Week On Inspired Personal Growth

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

In the name of inspired personal growth, I've been embracing things with a little more intention and grace. While there is a craving for warmth in the air and the return of light beyond the chilly winter days there is a cycle and it holds purpose. We can find rest, renewal, and creativity in this time (even during retrogrades) as we pause to allow flow for gentle reflection.

all we can hope is to produce the work we love

Intentional Tea Making - Our kitchen is still in the "labor of love" phase while we're making renovations but we've carved out enough space to set up some of my tea-making supplies. I've missed having it all so readily available over these last few months.

Less scrolling & more hobbies. Yesterday morning I grabbed my D7500 and captured the beauty of the winter season right outside one of my bedroom windows. Even in FL trees drop their leaves and do what they can when the time is right to continue their cycle. Our holly bushes have all the berries they could possibly hold right now (swipe) and they're beautiful but I know soon enough bare branches will be sprouting leaves and flowers again. Everything in its due time, right?

Adventurous reads! You all know I love to read and couldn't help picking up a few new books this week. One I've already shared in my personal reels but these also have me pretty excited! Last year when I was sick with covid I spent weeks in bed letting the TV watch me. When I finally started to feel better I could actually watch it back. I'm still not quite over the nightmare of being so sick for so long but I did come across the ADOW (A Discovery of Witches) show based on the All Souls series books by Deborah Harkness. I'm usually the queen of research but I know nothing about the author except that after re-watching the show recently, I definitely want to read the books. I really hope I love them!

ADOW book set

Decluttering and donating. I promise I don't do this all year long but I'm passionate about getting and staying organized no matter what space I'm in. It's favorable to my "success needs a process" ethos. I thrive in beautifully organized spaces. And so does my family. Even my cats don't like it when things are out of place! So in this new space, we're seizing opportunities for expansion, flow, and ultimately letting go when we need to. I'm adding some strategy to our efforts with this 52-week home organization deck by Nikki Boyd. We start with the entryway next week. Pretty sure this was made for people like me who love to have beautifully functional spaces without fluff and fillers.

Home Organization Deck

Affirmations this week. Things take time and patience. They're built moment by moment and brick by brick. I think of them as little manifestation reminders. You can find more affirmation cards on my Insta & stories.

I listen to the art.

It's already yours.

Things are in motion and I flow along with them.

I approach my goals and desires with joyful intentions.

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